My Job as an Escort

Sex is not a conversation you can have with people; no one wants to talk about it, yet it is a big part of our life. I grew up slut-shamed because of sexuality, but I was curious about it. When I moved to Bayswater, London, I can tell you for sure I felt liberated. I developed a need for more human interactions, and this led to my curiosity about escorting. It wasn’t hard to get started as there are so many London escorts agencies for starts.


Many people criminalize prostitution but, what is the motivation behind such decisions? I was going to do it. At first, I was baffled and scared at the same time. I didn’t know how the outcomes would be or how I was going to feel afterward. To my surprise, the feeling was neutral and gave me the chance to promote myself into escorting through an agency.


I love London because there is a strong community of sex workers who stick together and take care of each other. I love this because it creates a platform where I can exclusively discuss issues and topics that affect me with people who can understand me. Well, London is unique, this community is diverse, and you may never find such outside there.


Over time, I have gathered my quite some experiences; I now have fun when doing my job. It feels great to work around people’s desires that are too obstinate to tell a partner. However, meeting someone new can be a different feeling. This is because you don’t know what they like and it can be quite spontaneous. For me, I like morphing at the moment as I discover what they want. At times, I am scared when I feel that individual clients are putting me at risk. If this happens, possibly I don’t see them again.


Why Men go for an Escort

I have worked with different clients, and I have learned that different men come to see me for different reasons. Some motives are mutual, while others are unique. In general, men will see an escort for one of the following reasons: Very stressful jobs and unfavorable conditions at home drive men to look for an escort. Wives are always busy making dinner or doing other stuff, and this makes men feel barely acknowledged. When they come to me, I will give them the exact opposite. I am there for them, entirely giving them all my attention.


Sometimes after many years in marriage, there can be a loss of interest in sex, especially in wives. The men who are not willing to visit a sexologist have no other alternative other than us. Some wives even reach the extent of thinking they are doing their men a favor by giving them sex, which makes a man not satisfied. I do everything I can to give my clients pleasure, provided it is within my limit, making them more satisfied.


Other men feel that the sex they receive from their wives is not enough for them. Sometimes partners are not open to sharing some matters because they think the other won’t understand. My clients are always open with me and can tell me anything, and if they request me to do something, I’ll try my best not to disappoint them. This makes the difference.


I can tell you for sure, I love London and the community around me, and I love my job.